A hidden bar, curated cocktails, armed with a spacious dance floor.  Our Signature Cocktails are aimed to please. 

Mystique $20

Overproof Rum, Spiced Dark Rum, Tangerine Sorbet, Fresh Mango, Freshly Pressed Lemon, Blue Curacao

Brown Sugar $24

Russell Reserve, 1757 Cinzano Rosso, Brown Sugar, Freshly Grated Cinnamon, Fresh Thyme, Freshly Pressed Lemon, Egg White

The Blind Pig $24

Roku Gin, Homemade Beetroot Marmalade, Gula Malacca, Pressed Apple and Lemon, Fresh Rosemary, Singature Candied Bacon

Kaffir Sour $20

Ginger Infused Whisky, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Homemade Ginger Marmalade, Freshly Pressed Lemon, Apple Juice

The Violet Hour $20

Cachaca 51, Chambord, Homemade Blackberry Mamalade, Lychee Extract, Cranberry, Fresh Lime

Sinnerman $22

Grey Goose, Homemade Cinnamon Marmalade, 1757 Cinzano Rosso, Freshly Pressed Apple & Lime, Egg White

Speak Easy $22

Hennessy Cognac, Peter Heering, Fresh Raspberries, Homemade Berry Vinegar, Fresh Orange & Lime

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